Because somebody's gotta show a little respect to Gooney Birds! Large cousin to the seagull, the gooney bird, more formally known as an albatross, is white and gray with a long orange beak which is down-turned at the end.  He lives most of his life floating around in the Central and South Pacific. Hundreds even thousands of miles from land.


The gooney's favorite diet is leftovers and other gourmet delights dumped from ships. In fact they eat so much of it and get so fat that they sometimes can't get airborne.  Those that can fly frequently land on ships, where they confidently stumble around, fearlessly looking for handouts.  Unfortunately, some gooney's meet their demise around carriers while looking for food instead of fast moving aircraft.  Thus, sailors long ago nicknamed the albatross a 'gooney bird'.


Once a year gooney birds get the urge with a boost from high waves and stiff wind, they waddle across the water, flapping harder and harder, until they get airborne and begin a long journey north.  With a wingspan of eleven to twelve feet they fly hour after hour, day after day, sometimes traveling 600 miles or more between rest stops.


Eventually, the gooney birds arrive at their destination, the Aleutian Islands off the panhandle of Alaska.  Unaccustomed to walking on land, they often roll ass-over-tea-kettle upon landing.  After standing up and shaking off the dust and loose feathers, they drunkenly stagger around, and strutting their stuff while looking for a partner.  Before long they've mated up, built a nest and hatched a brood of chicks.  Soon they are on their way South back to the busy shipping lanes of Pacific and gobs of delights.


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